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A stiff,flabby,black,hairy,dry, vagina. But when you open it you see narnia. it tates like that burnt white coffe that u ate last night while working the porch (porch monkey). It smells you like death and reminds you taint.
"Yo Tyrone, I did that chick last night and she had a burnt waffle."

"Hey dude what are you doing."
"Doing a burnt waffle............hey mr. tomnas."

"Hey dude could you bring the butter, the stripper has a burnt waffle."
by UR MEM March 20, 2012
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A vagina that has been burned from fiction. Caused from too much sexual activity.

Not too be mixed up with blue waffle, that shit's fucked.
Bloke 1: Gave my missus a burnt waffle the other night!

Bloke 2: Awwww yeaaaahh
by InGrownBumHair May 15, 2012
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