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Arabic word (Buraq), the name of the legendary creature/horse that has incredible amount of speed, according to Islamic tradition, ascended the Prophet Muhammad up to seven layers of the sky's. Its name is derived from Arabic "lightning" . Names that sound like Burak include Barac, Barack, Barak, Baraq, Barec, Bareck, Barek, Baris, Barke, Barkha, Barrac, Barrack, Barrak, Barric, Barrick, Barrik, Barryc, Barryck, Barryk, and Baruch. It's also a common name in Turkey.
Burak is working as a manager for TV station.
by realsurfer July 07, 2014
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A very very very very sexy person, that every person on the opposite sex desires
wow! look at that sexy person, he must be Burak
by Eminebe May 04, 2005
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A wonderful and precious person that is very talented and full with trust. Usually a name for male. He has such a precious, shiny and glowing smile. He has an incredible personality too. He also have the most innocent but precious eyes in the whole universe that if you look at them they take all your pain away. Their hugs are the most safe and warm hugs you will ever try. They are just indescribable in many but countless ways.
by MamaofMama June 03, 2018
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In Polish slang - rude, uneducated or poor-mannered person, usually from village or working class heritage. Literally means beetroot. Also used as pejorative
Don't be a burak, brush your teeth and take shower.

Ty buraku (You are dickhead)
by dildo777 January 26, 2018
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