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The central hub for all partygoers. It is essentially the coolest spot to be, at a given time. It could either be at a gathering or a party. These two terms are strictly different, as a gathering contains a congregation of less than 27 partygoers, whilst a party contains upwards of 27 partygoers.
Person A: What's on tonight? i feel like getting crunk..

Person B: Glad you asked! Theres a party tonight with over 250 people going. Apparently it'll be nuts... But i heard there was a gathering on as well where they are tossing dwarfs...

Person A: No doubt on this one, that gathering sounds like Party Central
by partyking May 1, 2013
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A bungee is a small cat. It could be wild or domesticated. As long as it's cute, it's a bungee.
Look at that bungee! Look at that bunnnnngee!
by partyking September 20, 2014
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when a girl is on snapchat and constanly snapchats back an forth with her friends every 2 seconds
Ginger: omg Summer just snapchated me what her and Caleb are eating for dinner, im gona snapchat my freshly painted nails while im watching this movie.
Summer:Caleb look at Gingers nails they're pink omg, they are so pretty.
Ben: you(Ginger)and Summer are "snapchat whores"
by partyking June 3, 2013
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