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To cause someone to fall off of a cliff and into the bottomless pit below, where he will either be reincarnated from above, or forced to play a slots game.
"i bunge joo noob fag!"
by Thores December 05, 2003
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Bunge, the word that can be used to describe anything or anyone.
"Fuck thats so bunge" "Oh my god, you're such a bunge" "That is the bungest thing i have ever seen" "How are ya bunge"
by garca899 April 14, 2014
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Where a player, in games such as Worms and Arcanists, is killed or drowned by having the ground beneath them removed (causing them to fall or fly in a direction).
Player 1 - "Noob, you bunged me!"
Player 2 - "Don't stand at the edge then!"
by 3mptylord July 04, 2009
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