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NOUN: to be extremely drunk, beyond sauced. blacked out and still drinking.
Me, dj, tj, jon, flup, kevin, cam, and the rest of my boys got bunged, we did 2 power hours and finished a bottle of jose. we are headed downtown.
by P 3000 December 20, 2008
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getting banged up, but even worse. it is when you have surpassed being sauced and are absolutely shitfaced. blacked out drunk.
Man, Bernie and Dj are so fuckin bunged that Bernie is making out with ugly chicks again.
by Bung 3000 November 18, 2008
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To have previously had sexual intercourse with.
OMG I totally bunged that dude and jacked his Craig David CD. OMG MOMG!
by Teh Genius July 03, 2004
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To become irritated, agitated and/or annoyed either temporarily or for a longer period of time over something, someone or a particular situation.
In a sentence: "I know we have 8 people trying to decide where to go to dinner but there is no need to get bunged up over it. Life is too short." Or:
"I am bunged up. I just found out my proposal wasn't approved and I won't hit my forecast numbers."
by Jessica Hendrix September 22, 2008
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