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Bumting: Something that is attractive or nice to look at.
His chain is bumting
by Matt January 10, 2005
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Means something (usually a girl) is nice looking.
yoooow man, shes a BUM TING
by Darkman March 21, 2005
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A girl/guy is hot, cute, sexy, fit.

can be shortend to bum.
or changed to boomtings

also, if you really like something it can be bum aswell.
did you see that guy. he was bumtings/boomtings

that top looks bum on you!

by Jayne14 August 19, 2008
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basiacaly some thing really good wether its a gyal, weed etc
yoooooooo shes a bum-ting you knw
by 666m June 12, 2006
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when sumone is fit, people say they are bumting and it just meens they are goodlooking.
person one: "dat lad is bum"
person 2 "TING"

or "they r bum-ting-a-ling"
Or "he is bum-ting"
by g n m April 29, 2006
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1. A fantastic word (created by Edward J. Sullivan-Pond in late 2007) designed to mean literally anything: be it good, bad or indifferent etc.

2. A row of particularly posteriorly blessed females (or males for the girls!) derived from the rows of brightly-coloured little flags that are hung across roads or above a stage as decoration for special occasions
1. There's no way I'm going to that party, the last one was absolute bumting!

Wow! What a nice car - talk about bumting!

2. phwoooar, look at that bumting!
by Edward Sullivan-Pond November 07, 2007
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