1. A three day music festival in seattle during which everyone is either drunk or high.
2. The original word for umbrella.
1. Man i was tripping balls at bumbershoot, i dont remember a thing...
2. Excuse me miss, have you seen my bumbershoot?
by Gabriel J September 5, 2006
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the bumbershoot is simply and umbrella
will you go get my bumbershoot for me love it seems to be raining
by Hannah April 5, 2005
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an umbrella (one of the few U.S. slang terms used for the device)
My bumbershoot is busted.
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An up and coming marijuana device utilized by gen-Z users that compresses hash oil into a high density, low volume vaporized for that "shoots" from the vessel into the users lungs.
I'll be right there bruh, finna bumbershoot this dank kush real quick first.
by sirbumbershoots August 10, 2019
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1. When a donkey punch goes horribly wrong and you explosively shit upon your partner.

2. An umbrella.
I was about to donkey punch that bitch when I accidentally bumbershot (1) all over her braces, she sure could have used a bumbershoot (2) to hide behind.
by blank, see yes it can! March 4, 2010
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A musical event that is announced, but as time progresses there is little to no information released. It usually culminates into the festival/event being cancelled due to poor planning. one synonym would be shitshow. It also is related to Fyre Festival.
Did you hear about Fyre Festival? Yeah, dude, it's just another bumbershoot. Fuck Jerry.
by RiskyFritz June 3, 2019
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Mom/Dad: Don't forget your bumbershoot incase it rains!
Child: Fine...
by PandaGirl xox May 30, 2016
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