An expression used when a man is highly attracted to a woman. It is sometimes abbreviated to bitf, and derives from two original stems.

"In the face" was a phrase used to describe doing something in an extreme way.

"bum" was used as a way of expressing a preference for anal sex.

Exactly what is involved to bum someone in the face remains hazy, but must surely be a good thing.
I wouldn't mind bumming her in the face!
by paulos July 15, 2004
Phrase from a joke by Ross Noble from his show Fizzy Logic
Telling you to never have a bum faced child because when they get embarrassed a baboon my take a liking to them. Resulting in the child being bummed in the face.
"The child's being bummed in the face!"

"Bummed in the face?"

"Yes, bummed in the face!"
by .E August 14, 2009
DUH its poop coming from a bum bum booty and having diarhhea, but when u say face, it means the person u said it to looks like poopy bum bum booty having diarheea
in example for poopy bum bum booty diarheea face

friend: *LAUGHS* funny lol.
by vincent poopy funny orangepeel January 19, 2022
A face in which has a buttocks, or "bum bum" upon it.
I met a bum bum face today. He has smelly breath, and bad conversation.
by Monstramo September 8, 2003
a person who has a large crack on there face almost looking like a bum crack
that nice man in the corner has a bum bum face
by jenson Swader September 9, 2003
a reptile in which has bum-like scales.
"I got my pet bum bum face at the store today."
by Olivier Jenson Mosquito September 6, 2003
bum face;

n. chiefly british slang, derogatory

1. one who has a face that has a similar appearance to the buttocks

2. one who is of such an annoying temperament that they are worthy of being compared to someone with a bum for a face

3. Someone with a bum for a face. And perhaps a face for a bum, although this is uncommon.
"Oh my god, you are such a bum face".

"Good golly, you're talking so much poo right now, one might call you a bum face"
by Tom Bromley January 4, 2004