Pleasant. Positive. Affirmatory.Muy beuno.

♦ Adjective for a noun having a higher level of awesome.

Typically said in a jubiliant tone. Used in an ecstatic or supportive sense.

♦Derived in Origin from "bubbly" in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies.
Also from the pleasant sensation of fizzy beverages.
Synonym for the following: superb, sweet, dandy, gravy, groovy, beneficial, fantastic, fabulous, awesome, idyllic, pleasurable.
Individua A: Dude, you know that new phone I wanted?

Individual B: Yeah?

Individual A: My dad totally got it for me for my birthday!

Individual B: Omg, that's so fizzy!

(followed by mutual girly squealing, and jubilant noises similar to that of the cry of a guinea pig.*)
by Lady O' Fortune FaeryBubblez February 3, 2011
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Having a bubbly or peppy personality, but in a edgy and/or spicy way.
The new girl is pretty fizzy, she's emo but really outgoing.
"I thought you didn't like being around bubbly people." "Yeah, but he's sarcastic enough to be more fizzy than bubbly."
by Day Altan Iparwing December 6, 2018
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When a chick puts poprocks in her mouth and gives a guy head.
Guy1: So luke how was your day?

Guy2: Pretty good, I went to Ohio and my bitch gave me a fizzy.
by FizzLord May 7, 2010
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Slang for an alcoholic beverage, usually champagne or any other popular carbonated drink.
He has the fizzy in one hand and money in the other.
by Jon Thomas October 3, 2005
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Something that is strangely good.
Is often related to music, and other cool stuff
That song is quite fizzy.
That chick is so fizzy!
by Pimentol June 11, 2005
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Effect after drinking so much soda; where after you feel all "shaky," and inside of you feels all heated up, and it's kinda like you're high, but you're actually not, and a little while later, you have hard time typing or using your mouse correctly (because of too much shaking), and you just really like the feeling.
I drank so much soda now I'm feeling all fizzy!
by Vi April 2, 2004
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Used in a similar way to 'fitty' or 'sexy' in that it's used to express appreciation of someone's looks.
Look at those fizzies sitting together (naked) on the grass. Mmmmmm. The blonde one is especially fizzy.
by ROFLDog September 24, 2008
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