when you think a song is good, most of time referred to reggae songs.
(Bob Marley-Redemption Song playing) and then the dj stops it.

Crowd: Play bak that tune again. Bullet Bullet!
by Da Raja June 4, 2009
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Being team killed in a squad-based FPS game.
"I got bulleted in the last circle...." PUBG gaymer
"Davo bulleted me at chicken wire fence twice this arvo" Tarkov Wanker
by tarkovwanker September 7, 2018
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A jamaican term for bad thing or you are doing something wrong
wow you are wack you gets the bullet bullet
by ShottaQ February 23, 2007
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Attaining a position with noteworthy speed.

Originates from Billboard Magazine's practice of putting a bullet sign in front of chart entries that have moved from one position to another with notable speed.
From High Fidelity: "congratulations Laura, you made it to the top five. Number five, with a bullet, welcome.
by I Shot The Prom Queen February 5, 2006
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A figure of speech that is associated to a number in a list. Using this figure of speech indicates that the subject either ascended the list rapidly or is overwhelmingly dominant.

Despite the beliefs of asshat children that don't understand that slang existed prior to 2003, this phrase was not made popular by any specific song, let along a song by 'Fall Out Boy'.

This figure of speech achieved widespread usage in 2001 when the movie 'High Fidelity' was released. The movie was based upon a 1995 novel by Nick Hornby of the same title. Even prior to the release of the movie, many people used this phrase, but it was not widely understood by the general population.

The phrase "Number One With A Bullet" is the title of a 1987 movie and a 1990 episode of '21 Jump Street'.
In 2004 Rachel Bilson was #58 on the Maxim Hot 100 list. In 2005 she came in at #6 with a bullet.
by madisonpraetor March 30, 2006
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when you are extremely high. the highest you can get. when you feel like your a bullet speeding through time in slow motion.

i thank it started in Cashville.
"I'm to bullet bruh"
"He had some straight killa, dat shit had us too bullet."
by The Darkside Batman July 27, 2009
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Used when bigging something up.
See Brap, Zoop
Man:Those bars were off the heeeezii!!
Other Man: Alie !!
Man: Bullet Bullet!!
by Franksheezi November 30, 2006
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