Zoop; The words of the gods.
Zoop is usually used in response to someone stroking their ego.
Zoop is a way of life.
Zoop is a way of expression.
Hey, catch this ball or I eat your ass!

*person 1 throws the ball*
*person 2 catches the ball
by LunarToku April 30, 2019
See Brap.
Use When Bigging Someone/Thing up.
Or When You are Excited.
I Jus Got Bare Money!! ZoopZoop!!
Clubbin' Soon Zoop!!
by Frankshizzle July 25, 2006
1. when aliens come to take you away

exclamatory particle
1. To express excitement in a less basic manner compared to oh my gosh or yeet
"That alien zooped my ass out of Earth last night!"
"Zoop zoop bitch!"
by uglygodcheese April 25, 2019
An Australian icy pole Aka Zooper Dooper, but no one calls it that. It is simply a zoop.
Hey man pass me a fairy floss zoop, it’s fucking hot today.
by Zoopjustice January 26, 2019
The general and imaginary sound made when sending file electronically.
Zoop! File sent.
by rbrice June 27, 2019

When u be happy and you did something cool.
Finessing somebody.
Me: *breaks friends ankles in game* Teamates; Dang he just got zooped.
by YB Gersti July 22, 2020