a phrase used to put someone down, used somewhat like a diss, and usually used twice
see boolett
Siddiq: "yo Tyrone, I went and asked that girl Sheney out, buh she turned me down"

Tyrone: "ha, u feelin' tight, bullet bullet"
by Jamal the 3rd January 5, 2009
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I left a couple "bullet" marks on that fools forehead.
by BTDT SC June 27, 2010
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To exit or leave quickly, particulary to avoid some kind of authority.
"the cops is comin', BULLET, BULLET".

"yo i got a 40 piece in my bag and i hear them sirens, we gotta bullet".
by geeeeee March 31, 2007
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a perfectly rolled, fat joint, shaped like a large bullet
"check out this bullet i rolled just now!"
by ibus January 21, 2009
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