In hold'em poker or similar variants of poker where each player is given two cards face down, having two aces face down. Also known as 'pocket rockets.'
The rounder raised pre-flop after scoring pocket rockets.
by Pizaz August 02, 2003
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In the car business, a customer who has excellent credit.
salesman: "Do we have a shot here on this deal?"
manager: "Just as I thought, she's bullets baby! She could buy anything on the lot."
salesman: "Sweet."
by JHop March 07, 2008
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The ugly girlfriend that every beautiful woman has and takes to bars to make herself look more beautiful.
Dude, catch those chicks that just walked in -- I'll take the blonde; you take the bullet this time.
by HCD May 27, 2004
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Name for rock-hard nipples. Only attainable if girl is completely turned on.
"How did it go with Claire last night?"
"Brilliant, her nipples were bullets."
by The Strut October 12, 2004
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"Hey man, did you see that Carl Weathers is in the new Vin Diesal movie?"

"Yeah dude, you know he just reinvented his image?"


"Yeah man, he's sportin' a bullet now."
by Cole Hill April 26, 2007
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Hair style: long hair in the back like a mullet but bald or thinning hair in the front. Kind of like his hair is sliding off his head toward his back.
by PeroxideDesigns September 29, 2010
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