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An exclamation usually used to expressed surprise or disgust. The combination of bull and fucking to shit further adds to the emphasis of the intended meaning of shit. Similar in nature to Jesus Fucking Christ, Motherfucking Shit, or Chicken-Shit Motherfucker.
Football game: The ref signals out-of-bounds when the qb actually scored a TD.

Tony: What?! Bull-Fucking Shit!
by The Teacher August 17, 2004
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nonsense, bullshit, lies, crap, fools-gold, stupid-fodder, infuckingsane
Yo! Homey, I was under the illusion that I escaped the HELL hole I moved from, did the Bullfuckingshit stick to my ass?
by Amendment13 April 11, 2010
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absolute nonsence. Also used as an interjection to convey disgust and disbelief.
Joey sees a political ad on the TV. The politician says that he stands for "family values". He reaches for the remote and says "Bull Fucking Shit!"
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 06, 2006
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Beyond bullshit. Used when some random person tells you a relationship ("she wants to be your girlfriend") or hook-up lie.

There are four types of bull:
Bull = dumb / rubbish
Bullcrap = a terrible situation
Bullshit = an absolute lie or threat
Bullfuckingshit* = more than an absolute lie; describes high school romantic rumors and lies

*Politer way to use if under 18: bullfreakingcrap OR bullfreakingshit
One girl told me my crush was single and wants to go out with me and my crush said she already has a boyfriend. That one girl is telling me bullfuckingshit!
by dangnuggets June 07, 2016
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