Shit that is just so crazy and/or awesome that instead of just calling it shit, you have to call it motherfucking shit out of necessity.
Dude that strip club last night was some crazy motherfucking shit.
by Jordan666 July 26, 2008
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a phrase said to add emphasis to a situation. It is most often used when frustrated or annoyed.
"shit motherfucker fuck shit!!!"
"damn girl that is a shit motherfucker fuck shit situation!!!"
by Kaleyg February 21, 2006
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when you get really pissed off at someone and put swear words together to make an insult that doesn't make much sense
dickhead: oi! i slept with your mum last night

you: fucking motherfucking shit dick cunt fuck face!

dickhead: what?

you: never mind
by pioneer2108 December 29, 2011
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A phrase said when you are in a state of sudden distress.
A crazy incident/person that/who caused you such distress.
"This milk is spoiled" -----"Shit-motherfucker!"
"What do you think of that guy?" ----"He's a shit-motherfucking asshole?"
by BuddyTheElf100 December 31, 2016
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1. Exclamation of frustration most commonly used when unable to accomplish a relativly simple or mundane task.

2. Realization of common knowledge.
I just got home from work, and found my wife fucking some other dude, so I yelled, FUCKING SHIT, MOTHERFUCKER!
by mattstud36 December 25, 2003
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Basically what all big time rappers go off by and also what you would use to express your anger about a certain food item not being in stock
stupid ass bitch motherfucker ass shit! This food ain't in stock!

Rapper: stupid ass bitch motherfucker ass shit.. hmm what can we turn that into now
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When you use the term 'scum sucking motherfucking piece of shit' in relation to another person, the subtle implication is you don't actually like or respect them.
"You may have saved the whales throughout the 80's Uncle Pete in your charitable life, however, there's no getting around it, in this life right now, you are a scum sucking motherfucking piece of shit and there's no getting around that."
by LiberaceHudson September 24, 2017
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