a slang term for the use of cocaine
do you want to get bang on the bugle tonight
by joe lad April 14, 2008
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also "bugel"

I'll buy some bugle off you for £40
by KORG May 11, 2004
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The bugle is a brass instrument used for marching purposes. They have been used in the military, bands, and drum corps. The standard bugle has no valves, but looks like a trumpet, and can only play certain intervals.

There are other types of bugles: Soprano, Alto, Mellophone, French horn, Baritone, Euphonium, and Contrabass. All the above instruments have been marched in Drum and Bugle Corps.
Did you see that bugle? It had one valve and one rotor!
by G Bass March 14, 2006
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look at the size of his bugle
by kovack September 7, 2003
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An object, person or place which is amazing, beautiful or generally has outstanding quality.

Rio is an absolute bugle of a city.
Alice is a little bugle.
by Henrick Herring August 6, 2006
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Introduced to the English language as "beaugal", in 1634. Sir Frederick von Stuperheimer, a half German, half British Buddhist, had it officially altered to "bugle" because Parliament took pity on the man since he was legally retarded and presented his "case" to them; it was a soggy notebook filled with moldy cheese and worms.

If it wasn't, perhaps, for Sir Frederick, we'd still be saying beaugal to this very day. Pay homage to this master of the illiterary arts at his grave in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
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to jack off, to cum oneself
When i saw her, i basically bugled in my pants
by PPK0403 December 26, 2006
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