A adjective based on the concatenation of the words "butt" and "nugget". A shorter means of calling someone a "Butt Nugget".
Hey, stop being a such a bugget!
by BobbyRich May 14, 2008
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A shopping cart for food or other items bought at a store
"Go get me a bugget for all of this food"
by D_J_2006 January 21, 2007
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noms, good noms, delicious foods
homie #1: hey, lets go the kitchen and get some buggets. i got the munchies
homie #2: yes.
by quinesmartin? October 06, 2010
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A mix around of the words, Butt and Nugget Usually used as a diss.
Plankton: Dude. You suck.
Me: Dude. You're such a Nut Bugget.
Plankton: =O That's not nice!
by SillyxJuggalette<3 April 30, 2008
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Bysyn is a new sexuality.

Being a Bysyn Bhicken Buggets means that you are self producing, and only reproduces with themself on a friday night eating chicken nuggets. This sexuality only exists in Minnesota, and it wishes to be called "zhe" or "sklurm" or "splooge". Only 0.001% of the population has this. Incredible that I could meet this person!
hey bro, be honest with me... Are you a Bysyn Bhicken Buggets?

yeah bro...

It's okay. This is 2019. We accept you fam.
by Scott-Shaw May 25, 2019
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