A sugary drink mixed in vast quantities from a mysterious powder commonly served on US Navy vessels in the enlisted men's mess. Can also be used to clean brass.
Crap. They're all out of coffee so I had to drink bug juice instead.
by fugitive September 29, 2004
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ostensibly some form of fruit punch; served in summer camp mess halls in the U.S.

Whether it contains any vestige of actual fruit is debatable.
"I spilled bug juice on this towel three years ago, the stain is still here!"

"We told her to go get us a pitcher of OJ out of the drinks machine, but the only thing left was bug juice. Bug juice with breakfast?!"
by theFirebottle November 11, 2005
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1. it doesnt come in a jar

2. it comes from who you are

3. sweet juice made from a powdered mix commonly in grape and red. it is loved by everyone whether you are a chipmunk or a counselor and it is the oficial drink of camp eagle feather
i have been enjoying bug juice every summer since i was six years old
by the CIT July 14, 2011
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Insect repellant, used to keep mosquitos and other insects away and from biting you.
I'm getting eaten alive by these mosquitos , pass me some bug juice.
by D Spurgeon August 30, 2005
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Started in N-Town, a combo of liquers that forms a foggy green juice.
Chuck invented bug juice while experimenting with different liquers on new years.
by Anthony Milito July 28, 2006
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A bug shaped pacifier suckled by an infant or toddler.
"That baby loves his bug juice."
by D2lol1st April 27, 2007
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A drink commonly served at summer camps and scouting events. It is usually made by watering down Kool-Aid/Flavoraide to half-strength. This stretches the amount, which cuts costs, and cuts down on the sugar content, so the kids don't get as hyper.
I hoped we would get soda with dinner at camp tonight, but it was bug juice yet again.
by Camp Queen September 7, 2010
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