Anti depressant/ pychotic medication....when someone is acting crazy they are said to be a bug}. Bug juice is their medication (prozac, vallium)
Playa 1 "Dude...your bro just walked in to Mickey D's with a blaster(gun) and spoiled everyones' egg mcmuffin."

Palya 2 "Shit..The dawg's off the bug juice"
by DonnieLee August 31, 2006
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Colloquial term for Worcestershire sauce. Suspected use rooted in illiteracy and general lack of ability to "use big words".
My Okie Grandpa always called Worcestershire sauce bug juice. "Pass me the bug juice" is way easier to say.
by Baby Elvis February 06, 2015
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Started in N-Town, a combo of liquers that forms a foggy green juice.
Chuck invented bug juice while experimenting with different liquers on new years.
by Anthony Milito July 27, 2006
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A bug shaped pacifier suckled by an infant or toddler.
"That baby loves his bug juice."
by D2lol1st April 27, 2007
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