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1. it doesnt come in a jar

2. it comes from who you are

3. sweet juice made from a powdered mix commonly in grape and red. it is loved by everyone whether you are a chipmunk or a counselor and it is the oficial drink of camp eagle feather
i have been enjoying bug juice every summer since i was six years old
by the CIT July 13, 2011

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1. A longstanding tradition of two counselors wearing green suits with tails who run around camp and try to not have their tails pulled by campers

2. A chance for eternal fame and glory
I have been after the green gazumbas for many years but my attemps ended in being tackeled shoved pushed and dissapointed

richard sibely is the only camper to ever capture the green gazumba
by the CIT July 11, 2011

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Being on guard 24/7 and being ready for anything. Commonly seen during fierce dodgeball matches and the occasional game of four square.
Austin yelled "CONSTANT VIGILANCE" while dodging a ball

dodgeball camp intensity camp eagle feather four square
by The CIT July 03, 2011

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an expression to explain where everyhing lost or hidden is located
after blake read his hatchet clue the lunch tent was filled with chants of "Its in the Pond"

constant vigilance
by the CIT July 11, 2011

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to fold yourself in half and hang like a dead tree. can be used while dancing if you can not think of a better pose.
while dancing i completely forgot what to do so i just did the dead tree.
by the CIT July 13, 2011

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