We budweiser for the quinceniera (15th birthday) party...ay!
by echo January 9, 2004
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A beer that is a good drink, can make you drunk, and should not drink this beer until your fucking 21 years of age
He drank as many Budweiser's as he could before he got drunk
by Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 12, 2017
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after a night of drinking usually a budweiser product you must hover over a toilet when farting to be on the save side no accidents happen.
i was out late last night, i gotta hit the men's room got a mean case of the budweiser farts!
by chet ripley August 24, 2009
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A Budweiser Challenge is a unique task that involves covering a complete bar table with beer bottle labels. Budweiser is a common choice for this type of challenge due to the nature of the labels on a Budweiser bottle - paper labels that can be peeled from the bottle and placed on the table. However, other brands of beer can be used to undertake the challenge. Experienced participants sometimes also use multiple brands of beer to create interesting designs on the table with different colored labels. Different size tables can be used for the challenge depending on the number of people involved.

Rules for the challenge can vary, however common rules include:
-Labels should be peeled from the bottle as soon as a new beer is started
-Labels must be in tact to go on the table i.e. no tears should be visible once label is on the table
-If a tear occurs, participants need to consume the remainder of their current beer and start working on a new label that can be used for the challenge

The Challenge is considered complete when the entire table is covered in beer bottle labels.
We completed the Budweiser Challenge last night.
by Beer enthusiast December 8, 2010
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The Best New Beer Born.
chillin with your homies playin some beer pong and kickin back 15 of those sluts then fuckin a hoe.
by MILLER HIGH LIFE March 31, 2005
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The number of Clydesdale horses it takes to pull a girl off your face while dining at the Y.
She's not a 10, she's a 20 - On the Budweiser scale.
by Gander Commander September 6, 2016
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The shits that occur after drinking everyones favorite beer, Budweiser.
"Man, last night was awesome, but this morning the Budweiser Runs hit me hard"
by Nameless Ass Exploder May 25, 2006
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