A popular beer-like beverage sold in cans of 6, 12, 24, and sometimes 30 and in bottles, glass, plastic, and metallic--falling under the class of a lager. It can be found in most if not all liquor stores, chain grocery stores, wal-marts, costcos, 711s, convenience stores, and sporting events across the 50 states of America.
Budweiser gained popularity first in America then in other parts of the world due to it's cheap-price, and wide availability.

Many beer enthusiasts especially Europeans may be heard remarking that budweiser is not very high quality beer and that Americans don't know what good beer is.

Joe American 1: Hey fellas, I'll go grab a few cold ones for us. Waddaya want: Sierra Nevada pale or Budweiser?

Joe American 2: The latter.

Joe American 3: Bud weiser.

Joe American 4: Pale.

Joe American 1 to Joe 4: You like Sierra?

Joe American 4: Hell yeah.

Joe American 2: But you know it's only noon and you can't drink those all day.

Joe American 4: Yeah, I know, but I want to start out with something that has some taste.

Joe American 2: Oh yeah.
by giggles78 March 21, 2010
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Shitty beer with the price and advertising of a top domestic beer, but possesses the taste and quality of cheap beer.

Price of Miller, with the taste of the Beast.
Budweiser is piss-water.
by Brew Guy March 11, 2005
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It gets me drunk, and it tastes great while doing it.
"12 Budweisers will make you pass out while 12 corronas will make you take a long piss."
by Haryazz December 18, 2003
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1. Butt-water
2. What a rednecked pissed after a 3 week moonshine binge.
"Hey, let me get a Budweiser"
by mr mung October 28, 2011
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Their beer tastes like pee-water.
Coors makes better-tasting beer.
by sarcastic May 08, 2003
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