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The act of bunning (blazing) then participating in the act of cuddling right after.

Buddle came from the words Bun and Cuddle.
BU(n)- (cu)DDLE
Julia and Kurtis smoked a huge joint.
Then decided to buddle, and fell asleep together.
by kattbuddlesallday February 17, 2011
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Come on baby, let me pound that buddle.

I'd slam her buddle.

Birth-control will no-longer be trouble, just as long as you pound her buddle
by Sketchtool August 13, 2009
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When your pet cat turns itโ€™s hind-side towards you, raises itโ€™s tail and nestles itโ€™s b-hole upon you in the purest display of affection known to the species. Prime target areas include the lap, hands, crotch and face.
I woke up yesterday to the most intense Tina face buddle... and then I got pinkeye.
by StefanUrquelle September 07, 2011
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