3 definitions by IllestStreetBrawla

Used to describe something sick gnasty, dope, shank masta flipflop, or generally awesome
Last night with your mom was THE STANK BUDDAH! She did everything to me, it was gnasty! Sucks shes married though.
by IllestStreetBrawla November 25, 2006
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College for dumb bitches who couldn't survive in real colleges. Go back to high school you dumbass.
Yo niggah, highschool was so hard, but now that I'm unemployed and going to a community college things are easy.
Niggah 1: Yo I thought college was going to be hard
Niggah 2: Niggah please, you go to a community college, you ain't shit.
Niggah 1: (Shanks Niggah #2 dead)
by IllestStreetBrawla November 26, 2006
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When a male mashes his full genitalia into a females vagina, completely enveloping it. We're talking penis and balls all in there.
Man, last night I mashed potatoed your mom and I couldn't get it back out!
by IllestStreetBrawla November 25, 2006
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