"Bucktown USA - Boot Camp Click"
"Bucktown - Smif n Wesson"
by Hamydeez October 6, 2003
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Smif n Wesson - "Bucktown"
There are a lot of suck rappers from bucktown; Sean Price, Black Moon, Smif n Wesson, Boot Camp Clik.
Brooklyn is one of the 5 buroughs of NYC.
by Tommy Cease October 10, 2006
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A colloquial denonym used in reference to residents of the New York City borough of Brooklyn.
"...So we take the gats for precautions
Plus this trick live in Brooklyn, home of the coffin
She might got a whole batallion of Bucktowners
Waitin for us to get up off the train and surround us..." - Mobb Deep, Trife life.
by THE-BRONX-EHT March 5, 2009
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also known as (raeford), a ghetto city outside of fayetteville,where all the broke ass people live(accept for the RiCH neoghborhood WESTGATE),has one high school,three middle schools,&50million elementary schools,the population is overcrowded with LUMBEE-INDIANS,&&gang bangers(bloods,Not a qood place to live!
niqqa where you from?
"niqqa i REP bucktown all day everyday-SOOWOOP".
niqqa you a LAME!
by irockskinnysz July 21, 2009
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little known, yet largerly hated, but equally missed, outside of westchester, pa is where our dreams are never bigger. but always shatter harder. a place where talent is peeking yet no one pursues it, growwing pot in fields, then getting in our benz to fishbowl it. k-square is just as bad, just more immagrants walking in the crowed streets. get horseshit an shrooms on thir feet. with the grove just chillin, all the niggas are convicted fellons. it's all just to say unionville is a bunch of pansies, go play lacrosse, drive the lincoln and where your mom's panties. a place where cops used to follow you home when you got tipsy, now they write you up for dui, and that's just shitty. they set up a system and examples, now they changed it up, left it all pollitcal.
just gotta field party, kegs, and kegs of natty and lions head, relaxin with the fire in bucktown, pa.
by shotgun james November 2, 2005
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A suburban city only 14 miles west of Bucktown in Chicago, IL that is known for its young families and urban feel. AKA Elmhurst, IL.
We loved the city, but once we had kids we had no choice but to move to West Bucktown.
by PDizzle8 February 7, 2018
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