This is the capital city of ROMANIA.

NOTE (about the definitions given by 'lexicographia' and 'urbane gorilla' ) : You can't mention something about Hungary, while speaking about Bucharest !! Bucharest DOESN'T belong to Hungary !

Practice your geography before you make stupid definitions. GTFO with your idiot definitions and tags!
I love Bucharest.

We are in Bucharest, Romania.
by bsk13 February 7, 2012
Bucharest is the capital or Romania. Not Hungary.
Practice your geography before you make stupid definitions.
by Dan_the_HUNGARIAN_man July 15, 2005
To be bucharest is to be very hungry. (Bucharest is the capital of hungary)
I'm so hungry I'm bucharest
by urbane gorilla July 2, 2005
When you get a blowjob from a drunken minority, usually involving vomit and a bathroom of a bar.
(Mostly speaking on a roma providing fellatio while drunk on bourbon whiskey)
Ayy, Ion, I just got a Bucharest blowjob from that gypsy bitch after loading her up with smirnoff
by The OTHER Detroit Guy June 17, 2018
/'bu kəˈrɛst ɪˈfɛkt'/
A living representation of what we are living in
"The Maximus Bucharest Effect is at play here"
by Mogg1001 May 25, 2019
Hey do you have any Bucharest?

The fuck is Bucharest Ethan, please get out of NY house.
by Bios duggos April 21, 2022