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Roma is the most gorgeous girl inside out you could meet. She's secretive, and that's what is so attractive. She says what's best for people she cares about, although is misinterpreted. She is anything and everything you could ever want in a girl. She is an amazing friend, and very loyal. She is understanding, but she barely trusts. If she trusts you, she must really love you. Give her time to open up, it may take a while. But if she really cares for you, it shouldn't be that hard.If she loves you, it must be a blessing. And if she does, don't let her go.
Damn, I never should've let Roma go.
by YoYohhjhkjh March 31, 2017
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Roma means a beautiful flower that reveals its exquisite color to its surroundings and carries pure innocence along. It also has its sharp thorns to cut away its enemies in one strike. So be careful, for this flower is the most innocent and beautiful of them all, but once the trust is broken then the thorns come out.

Roma is also known for unique beauty inside and out. A very big heart as well.
beautiful, flower, innocence, unique, roma
by Venus_beauty February 06, 2010
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1. The Italian name for Rome, the capital city of Italy.

2. A traditionally nomadic people, also known as Romani, who left the Indian Subcontinent in around the 11th century and migrated to Europe. Nowadays they are found throughout Europe, with especially large populations in Andalusia, the Balkans and Central Europe. They have experienced much discrimination (known as antiziganism) throughout history, and were systematically murdered in the Holocaust alongside Jews. The Roma have their own language, which is more closely related to Hindi and Gujarati than to any European language. The similarity between the names of the Roma and the Romanians is purely coincidental, although there is a large Roma population in Romania. The Roma are sometimes known in English as gypsies, due to a historic belief that the Roma originated in Egypt.
1. "Roma" is the Italian name for Rome.

2. There are around 650,000 Roma in Spain, 540,000 in Romania, 500,000 in France, 370,000 in Bulgaria and 210,000 in Hungary.
by backpacker_x2 January 28, 2011
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1. Roma - capital of Italy
2. AS Roma - Italian serie A football team (Associazione Sportivo ROMA ... not AC ROMA like the first entry)
1. All roads lead to ROMA (err.. I mean ROME)
2. 2006 World cup winners Totti, Perrotta and De Rossi play for ROMA
by Joe Blowww March 01, 2007
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roma is a hungarian minority who lives with romanians in romania. hungarians declared themselfs as roma because they want to take the romanian teritoryes

also roma shall NOT be confused with romanian who is a white latin folk with roman/italian descendents
Alex: Brother did you see what roma people do in europe?
Alex:they steal and all the blame fall on romanians
Mike: Man roma are some bad hungarians, i don't want to hear about them, it makes me sick
by Chicano66867 July 10, 2008
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