The equivalent of 'nice' or 'sweet,' but in a humorous or very awesome way. Pronounced "boose," like in "Caboose."
Dude, that trick you pulled was so buce.
by *Gladius October 19, 2007
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A common mis-type of 'nice' most often used in conjunction with teh to form the phrase, 'teh buce'
Marc: (Tells a very funny joke)
Corey: Teh buce!
by mcas November 18, 2006
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to fuck someone in the rectum very promptly and surprisingly, not to be confused with SUPRISE BUTTSEKS!!, which involves the person saying the phrase while doing so
faggot 1: hey janet, bend over... i think you dropped a quarter.
janet: really? where? just don't buce me! *bends over*
faggot 1: look a little further *uuhnnn!!!* *slips penis into rectum of janet*
by rasin bran and p00sy magn3t March 05, 2008
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A word used to describe good times in life. Similiar to "nice" but slightly more radically left.
Wow, George W. Bush just fell into a comma and may never come out. Man, thats buce!
by CP1477 March 01, 2004
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Adjective, used to describe something that is excellent, particularly apt when the excellence was unexpected.

"Walking home last night I bumped into these two Finnish sisters looking for a houseparty and ended up shagging them both in some guys spare room!"

"Fucking hell mate, buce!"

Also used as a subtle, quick method of agreement in situations where a longer and more enthusuastic response would be inappropriate or even dangerous. Such as letting your mate know you clocked that bird with the big knockers that just walked past when you're with your girlfriend.

A knowing look might be passed and a quick "buce!"
by buce m8 December 13, 2007
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A team sporting game involving a hackysack, two teams and two bins. official site of this game is
person 1: Guys, i'm bored
person 2: Lets go play buce!
person 1: But are we cool enough?
person 2: Anyone can play buce, it is a sport for all ages and skill levels
person 1: Awesome!
by Hamish Mash December 11, 2008
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