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A bubby is a term of affection for your one true love. Bubby likes to cuddle, kanoodle, play sports, laugh, watch sports, go out and dance, go to movies, and in general make their significant other very happy. A bubby is special because it is not a babe, baby or boo it is one specific person that is completely unique and precious in your life. The other half of a bubby is a bubster.
You are not a person you are a bubby!

Bubby I miss you!
by NickBubster May 26, 2010
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Synonymous with bubby, however it is often used to refer to the bubby's male counterpart. Physically a bubster is good looking, adorable, and fit. A bubster may sometimes get in trouble, but it's intentions are always in the best interest of it's bubby. A bubster recognizes how lucky they are to have a bubby and works hard to earn and nourish that love. Bubsters are very compassionate and playful. Bubbys and bubsters are best friends and a bubster's one true love is it's bubby.
Oh bubster you goofball!

Bubster I mish and lave you!
by NickBubster May 26, 2010
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