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Saw a BSW walking downtown but didn't stop, thought LE was nearby.
by BoredGuy August 15, 2003
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Bitch Slut Whore; Someone who is annoying in many different ways; Nickname
Oh my god, Blanca is such a BSW! Look at the way she dresses!
by Daniela Larson December 12, 2007
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British School of Washington. A very very small school in Washington DC USA.
I go to the British School of Washington.
by Welshkorn July 12, 2005
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BSW is the, rather, an acronym for "Bitch Says What". Both a question mark and/or and exclamation point can be added to the end of this word(s).
Man 1: Dude, I had sex with your sister last night.
Man 2: BSW!?
Man 3: OH SHI-
Man 1: It's not my fault, she came onto me!

Dude: I think it's time you get tested.
Dudette: BSW?!
by daboom-meista April 11, 2009
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Big Sex Weekend. An out-of-town trip planned by a couple for romantic purposes, many of which are to have time and privacy for a lot of time in bed. Or wherever.
A: Sorry, I can't be there, my husband and I are going up to Big Sur for a few days.

B: Sounds nice. BSW?

A: I sure hope so.
by pieplate August 08, 2009
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Meaning, bitches, skanks, whores and sluts. Being an abbreviation. Pronounced as an abbreviation.

A Chicago slang term, originating in La, coined by the hardstyle producer Used and Abused, it gained popularity in Chicago with the remix of the original song BSWS, by Caffeine a prominent Chicagoland DJ Producer.

It it most commonly associated with the chicago klubheadz or club life movement
by zajicthemagic September 24, 2009
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