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Blanca, she's one who knows all. She doesn't seem like the type to know much, but she knows more then what meets the eye. She's crazy beautiful and noticeably gorgeous. She may be the hottiest woman you've ever laid your eyes on. She can be extremely shy, but as soon as you hit here sweet spot, she'll be the craziest, goofiest, funniest, person you'll may ever meet. Blanca is a sensitive person, but she won't show it. Blanca is very tough, if she may have to she can beat anyone with a spoon. Blanca is drawned to the Internet, and she has many friends on and offline. She is a very fun person to be around. She will help you through your sadest times and be there at thier happiest. No matter what Blanca is always someone to love. Love is her weakest point, she falls in love in 4 minutes but can't fall out easy. Don't hurt Blanca she is very delicate, but so easy to fall in love with. You can try to convince yourself you don't like her, but you sure do.
Blanca is my bestfriend, and i love her to much to leave.
by Okkathy November 26, 2018
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Usually known as a stylish sexy girl who always knows how to have fun. Usually found with friends which make her happiest. Also known for her smile and her way of having fun. Mistaken for a white color, but usually tan.
Damn Blanca you look sexy!
by Babybabybooo July 15, 2009
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A Blanca is a rare species of Mexican human being. It is fun to be around and is absolutely hysterical, but will hiss at you if you attempt to embrace it. It is addicted to the internet and enjoys Guitar Hero, chocolate chip cookies, excessive amounts of chili, and laughing at the misfortune of others. It is particularly fond of teasing its short friends about their heights and doing embarrassing dances in the middle of class while only one person is looking. It loves to threaten death upon those who love it with its deadly-sharp fingernails. Its hands are always cold. It is prone to dying of laughter in public places.
"Blanca, did you hear about the guy who got run over?"


"Uh...would you like a consolation hug?"

by discoflamethrower April 05, 2010
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A white looking Spanish girl, that Changes hair color every month. Is liked by everyone and is never single. Often mistaken for another race, except Black and Asian.
Some guy:Blanca you look so good are you single?

Blanca:No, I'm in love with Darwin!

by Griselda V. January 29, 2009
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That one Petite Hispanic girl you just want to fuck in every position possible and cum on her face or bust.
That girl looks so fuckable. She must be a Blanca
by TheRealistBoi June 05, 2016
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In simple words it means 'question' or 'series of questions'. Its an urban legend that once there was a girl, full of energy, shiny as oryx gold and flowers for hair. The legend states that once she started asking questions, there was no end to it. She changed the game '21 questions' to '2100 questions' and she will never get tired of it. There was not a single man in the 7 realms who can answer her questions. It is only fair that we replace the word 'question' with the word 'Blanca'.
I have a Blanca.

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your Blancas till the end.

Enough of your Blanca's.

What kind of Blanca is that? (This is an example of Blanca, in form of a Blanca).
I have answer to that Blanca.
by Kappa Kappa December 21, 2012
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Blanca means white gilr in spanish or white color. Perdominatley girls with a caucasian body and showing more of a round eye with a light color skin are called una blanca mujer.Guerras are girls from the scandanavian region, girls with yellow hair, light yellow to dark yellow skin texture to orange -red. May have freckles on arm body and face and thin eye brows. Narrow head structure as well as nose.These two gruops are under the antro term caucasian. There are also Asian white but since these asians have an oriental eye they are not called white for simplicity, southern europeans girls are white as milk or snow and are plain with no heavy characteristics, plain, or white for simplicity.
Spanish blancas and latin american blancas are very white in color, as snow white or of milk color.
by California3 August 12, 2006
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