1) Slang for the defeated Independent Faction who oppose the Anglo-Sino Alliance, on the show Firefly.

2) A fan of the series Firefly.
Many browncoats have been converted since the cancellation of Firefly.
by Major Davis February 28, 2004
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To make a movie based on a TV show, largely due to the impressive number of enthustiastic fans.

Derived from the noun Browncoat (fans of the TV series "Firefly") and refers to the tremendous fan support and DVD sales that led to the film-version "Serenity."
(studio executive) "Arrested Development DVDs are flying off the shelf, and these postcards and emails from fans just keep pouring in. I say it's time we browncoat it."

"Due to Sex and the City's large, vocal fanbase, it was browncoated almost immediately after the show ended on HBO."

"If they cancel The Middleman, there will be such an outcry from fans that the studio may see the potential to browncoat it."
"How come Walker, Texas Ranger never got browncoated? Are Chuck Norris fans lazy?"
by Succatash August 17, 2008
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Anyone who supports the left-wing African-American narrative of modern oppression (including white left-wingers) in such a way as to oppress the Vannoken tribe. This includes voting for government programs like "Affirmative Action," which the Vannokens view as taxation without representation, because if the Vannokens don't pay for government programs they don't need, the government will initiate force on African-Americans' behalf to oppress the Vannokens by proxy. Meanwhile, there was never any proper historical election process for the minority of the minority ethnic groups (such as but not limited to the Vannokens), while the Vannoken right to personhood is protected by the international law of self-determinism.
Stock up on AR15s, because we got word that the damn browncoats were going to try to invade the Vannoken lands from the east.
by VannokenSven December 1, 2019
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To gush so enthusiastically about a piece of culture (frequently a cult hit) that you make anyone listening to you less likely to experience or enjoy said cultural item.

Dervied from the noun Browncoat, which refers to fans of the TV series "Firefly."
"I might have enjoyed Harry Potter more, but so many people had told me how great it was that by the time I read the book it had been browncoated."

"Dick browncoated 'The Lord of the Rings' for Jane by telling her to read it every day for three weeks straight."
by Charisma18 April 27, 2007
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Anal sex with a condom on, resulting in a creamy brown coating
She was ok with taking it in the rear, but insisted on a condom. It was a total browncoat situation (but at least she didn't give me a purplebelly).
by Xvasair May 16, 2011
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A rebel in the Firefly/Serenity universe ('verse). In other words, a wholly awesome person.
Sally: I'm gonna be a bumblebee for Halloween. What about you, Derek?

Derek: Browncoat.

*hordes of screaming girls*
by Xina Serene August 16, 2011
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the act of sticking a penis in an anus to get a browncoating on it
Nigel requested that Maya let him get a browncoating for his birthday. She said yes as long as her thumb got to wear some of his brown...!!
by von groovy May 5, 2019
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