1. Half-wit action melodrama, staring Chuck Norris and mostly produced by his brother, that ran on CBS from 1993-2001. Dismissed by most as bad TV. The show enjoyed very good ratings and syndication sucess with a faithful fan base. The very bad action series also benefits from a cult following that sees the series as possibly the worst TV show committed to film. This fan base also watches the show, but they watch as if they are watching a Saturday Night Live skit, laughing out loud at constant unintended humorous moments due to the lame execution of the premise and heavy-handedness of the show. The show also gained notoriety through clips being played on Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien.
Walker, Texas Ranger is to artistically good action TV as Naked Gun is to artistically good action film.
by ILoveWalkerBecauseIt'sFunny August 25, 2005
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A hit tv show with the star Chuck Norris. It is a show about cops, law, and other things. It's really interesting and I have grown to love it.
My sister's hero is Chuck Norris the star of Walker Texas Ranger because of his killer martial arts.
by Livi February 24, 2005
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A terribly hilarious show. Watch this high, drunk or sober and I guarantee plenty of laughs. Watching Chuck Norris fight computer high-jacking ninjas, roundhouse kicking Asian drug lords and using a jet-pack (you read that right) all make for one hilarious show.

-Dude, lets get high and watch old man chuck norris jump through some windows.
- Man, I don't even need to get high. Walker Texas Ranger is the shit
by >Kyle< October 30, 2005
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While doing a girl doggystyle, you pull it out, turn her around, look her in the eyes, and say "I'm Chuck Norris bitch" - you then roundhouse kick her in the boobs and piss on her face, then you say "Your under arrest."
Nick performed the Walker, Texas Ranger on Alex's sister.
by BTNJ May 7, 2006
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An anagram of Karate Wrangler Sex. I don't know what that is, but it sounds awesome.
by Marcus Reed October 5, 2006
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a wicked gay tv show with a wicked gay main guy, named walker. hes one of those cowboy guys who tucks in his shirts. the show is repetitive, and walker gets offended at the word 'crap'.
i used to watch it, but now i see how gay it is.
by imanamericanidiot January 22, 2005
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A competition between two boys where they go back to back as to support each other over a toilet and shit and the first person to drop a bomb stands up, leaving the looser to fall into the toilet bowl. The winner is then “Walker the Texas Ranger.”
My boy and I were at a party and had to shit, long story short I am now “Walker the Texas Ranger.”
by BigDSwingin970 March 31, 2019
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