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Mooning is the act of displaying one's ass and is done by by removing clothing, e.g., by lowering the backside of one's trousers and underpants, and usually bending over, and pointing one's ass in the direction of the moonee (one's seeing the moon). Mooning is used in some cultures to express protest, scorn, disrespect, or provocation but can also simply be done for shock value or fun. When a group of people follow this dictate in a gathering , it is called mass mooning.
Though Nielsen ratings can and have historically measured the viewing habits of a household, and have provided statistical information about such habits, they are not aware of the mass mooning that preceded many televised political elections, or rivalry football games, therefore the Nielsen Ratings are not a reliable indicator of what we do or do not like as we are led to believe.
by jeffbo July 13, 2009
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