term used by the coolest male group of friends in any community, school, environment etc. it is referred to as a title for those lucky enough to be considered a broskie. a broskie is closer than a bro.
wanna go to a hockey game tonight broskie?

broskie! i called shotgun before him.

lets have a broskies' night out.
by Broskie Leader April 1, 2006
A name given to a good friend. Usually used with ska people.
Wassup broskie
by AdamG. December 4, 2008
Someone who has seven girlfriends and counting, a.k.a. Big Poppa/ Big P. and is a HUGE fan of motivational posters. A guy who does completely random stuff that is completely hilarious!
Woah, that broskie has another girlfriend today!
Did you that broskies picture? Which one? Oh, the banana hamock one.
by asaigh August 22, 2010
Term given to "friends" by tall skinny white acne ridden teens who wear extremely tight pants with leather belts and guitar picks glued to them who typically wear very tight Motley Crue and or Jimi Hendrix or any other classic rock band T-Shirt for that matter.Walks with a fake swagger and pretends to act hard when his "friends" diss his sorry pathetic ass. In addition they give themselves names of washed up rockers from the 80's.
"Hey Broskies,lets party it up and find some hoeskies"-Much Love Nikki Sixx
by Med Man April 10, 2006
A fag or homo-sexual guy who loves beer and thinks he is "Doing it" when he is not. They also like country music aka red neck music and most likely are on a baseball team. For more information look up gay.
Jack- All the guys on the baseball team are broskies.

Mike- I know they think they are doing it.

by bro_skie March 28, 2009
a Broski is someone that is my ride or die. (meaning no matter what we go through or what obstacles or problems we may have, that we'll get through it together and if not we'll die trying.)

he is like family,
He is the one calm when I fight
and Secretly caring and nice.
he is someone that I look up to and someone I know that I can trust or call if i'm in need, need help, or in danger.

He is someone I could talk about anything with someone I trust with my deepest secrets,
he's like a real brother, the big brother that I've always wanted but never had.
a broski is a best friend,
A brother in Christ,
and a friend for life.
Why have a hundred friends when you can have one broski
by good boye September 8, 2019