the law stating that always keep your buds before the significant other.

gotta keep the priorities straight, yo.
ho: let's go bowling.
dude: i be goin' out skeet shootin' wit' mah broes tonight. you know how it is.
ho: tru dat!
by Kaldingo Balzingo January 07, 2004
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The most true saying ever. You put your friends, homeis, what have you (bros) before your girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc (hoes). Always. Putting hoes before bros is wrong. It breaks all forms of comradery, homie-ship, and friendship. Never put your hoes before bros. NOTE: Putting hoe-bros before hoes is exceptible. Hoe-bros are friends who you are not romantically involved with, and also not trying to bang. But still put your bros before hoe-bros.
Alex: Let's go smoke some weed!
John: Sorry man, I can't. Monique doesn't want me to do weed.
Alex: Dude, you're getting whipped! Bros before hoes!
John: Well played. Go get your lighter.
by Comrade 47 April 30, 2008
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what you say when a guy ditches his guy-friends for his girl
if a guy is spending all his time with his girlfriend and not hanging with the dudes anymore because he's always with his girl. The dudes want the guy to put his bro's (the dudes) higher in priority than the girl (the hoe) because they were tight first

similar to sisters before mister's - what the girls say

Tom: oh sorry i can't go boarding with you and Joe and AJ tomorrow, im chilling with sally
Dan: Bro's before hoe's, man!!
dan: Hey tom over here! we got smokes!!
Tom: nah, sally doesn't like it when i smoke
AJ: Dude, bro's before hoes!!
by I. M. Cold February 22, 2010
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When a guy puts friends before women.
"Before Jimmy sexed Jenny, he put a call out to her boyfriend's answering machine saying they were doing it. Bros before hoes, dude!"
by Roger Ebert September 25, 2006
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a term you use when one of your friends is completely pussy whipped and you want him to realize that his friends are more important than some girl because they come and go
Dude, why are you always hanging out with your girl? All the guys are skating and chillin'. Bros before hoes, dude.
by Artie E. July 30, 2007
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The preferential allegiance some men show to their male friends over their female companions, and partial reason some children grow up not knowing who their father is. But that's the "ho's" fault, too, for having relations with a man with said value system. Rinse and repeat.
Ron: Hey, going to Vegas this weekend with the crew, u coming?
Eldrige: Naw, gotta see my girl and the baby.
Ron: Come on, bros before hoes.
Eldrige: Yeah, you're right. Keep the code!

Later that night:
Ron's Baby Mamma: Hey, Charles, it's Bonita. That punk Eldridge ditched me for Vegas, hasn't bought diapers for the baby this week like he'd said, broke our third date this month. He don't love me like you did. I miss you baby, come over.

9 Months Later:
Eldrige: This baby don't look like me.
Eldrige's Ho: Bros before hoes.
by kalima9 July 27, 2010
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When a male get's pussywhipped into being with a woman instead of another male, therefore putting "hoe'(s)" before the "bro's". This is contradictory to the rule. However the rule has a exception, bro's before hoe's can be disregarded if booty woulb be attained the same evening that the rule was broken.

In short: Don't put women before men unless you will be getting some.
David put his friends LAN above going to the movies with his girlfriend therefore adhering to the rule Bro's before Hoe's.
by Naccache December 20, 2008
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