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a very artistic genre of music that involves alot of skill and concentration to master, when you first get into listening to metal, it may make your ears hurt like hell,then your able to listen to it when your eardrums adapt so you can hear the lyrics, those of no expierience will most likely not be able to understand it and will just say it is complete shit and go back to their Eminem and 50 cent idols. when you get the ears there is no going back.
Rap Kid walks down the street and spots a metal fan listening to his headphones.
Rap Kid:"that u listen 2 is just screamin n shit, u aint no real music white boy."
metal fan:"alright if its really that bad maybe you can stand listening to it."
Rap kid hesitates for a minute.
"gimme your headphones emo."
Rap kid turns it up full volume.
Metal fan:"thats not a good idea."
rap kid:"i can stand this shit"
Presses play.........head blows up so there is nothing left but everything lower jaw down. Metal fan shruggs, whipes the blood and brains of his headphones, mutters "idiot" at the corpse and continues down the street
by Slayerfan101 September 29, 2008

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most people in general in high school, thrive off of others,usually social animals, nosing into other people's bussiness, until someone grows the balls to the break their pretty little face
wide eyed parasite:"Are u and jenny having sex?"
descent person:"none of your business."(blank expression)
parasite:"please tell me, I wont tell anyone."
decent person walks away.
by Slayerfan101 December 20, 2008

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a motto used by guys who are to insecure to talk to a girl and/or cant keep a stable relationship with a girl, when one of their friends gets into a serious relationship with a girl he is really in love with, and she loves him back. especially happens when the couple spends a lot of time together, and the guy's friends start getting jealous that their friend is spending what they feel is to much time with his love, and not enough time with them
guy 1: yo, we be going partying tonite brother.
guy 2:dude, i told you, i got a date tonight with michelle, i told you earlier today, im taking her to the movies.
guy 1:naw nigga, what about bros before hoes, its brotherhood.
guy 2:i told you several (raises voice a notch)times now that im busy, ill be out tommorow night.
guy 1: but bros b.....
(guy 1 hangs up)
by Slayerfan101 December 22, 2008

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