1.) The process of Bonding, but between two or more good male friends, or bros.

2.) An activity involving two or more straight males that could be perceived as homosexual if witnessed.
"Me and the guys are goin' up north for a fishing trip, gonna be some serious bronding done this weekend."

Matt: "Man, mike kept complaining about sleeping on the floor, so I finally let him sleep in my bed with me."
Brian: "That's borderline gay, dude."
Matt: "Nah dude, pure bronding, that's all that was."
by 132299 April 16, 2009
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"Let's do some bronding over the NBA and soft baked cookies this weekend."
by LouisBunoandLAareSoft February 15, 2017
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A brunette that fails to dye her hair to impress "The Lads" usually associated with needing to get there roots done.
"That Bronde stick down the Port Cullis failed at dying her hair"
by Yokov October 6, 2017
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Brunette whose personality, behavior or intelligence come across as blonde-like.
The teenage daughter on Modern Family is an example of a bronde. She has brown hair, but seems like an airhead.
by boratfan1 January 27, 2011
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Adjective. Bro+Bonded. The act of establishing a spiritual connection with a fellow Bro.
"I totally bronded with Axl when we made eye contact at the GnR concert."

"We totally bronded after being held hostage in the tanning salon."
by lieberino January 26, 2012
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A word combining Bro and Bond.Short for Bro Bonding.
When two Bros hang out together.
Rick:Where's Cole?
Rita:He's gone Bronding.
by Atamaran June 26, 2012
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