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brunch between 2 bros
guy 1: i'm hungry let's get some breakfast
guy 2: but it's lunchtime
guy 1: let's get some brunch
guy 2: nah dude that's heaps gay, we shall call it bronch
by mustbthehennessy September 15, 2011
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the theoretical area between the taint and the asshole
Bro, my bronch is raw after using that shitty toilet paper.
by brosof525 September 22, 2009
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Lunch between two or more bros. (straight bros)
Hey bros, let's get some lunch. We'll call it bronch.
by PC305 March 27, 2014
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The piece of skin stretching from the scrotum to the asshole. Also known as the taint, the grundel, the gooch, fromunda and the fuzzy fun bridge.
After a night of glorious sex, I had her go under the blankets and sample my Sunday "bronch."
by Thadeus Johanssen April 20, 2006
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Just a bunch of dudes getting together for brunch. IT'S NOT GAY, DAMMIT!
Hey, bro, wanna get bro-nch tomorrow?

Yeah, dude! I love bro-nch!
by That One Guy Who Submitted September 02, 2012
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