The smartest race in the world, they fall into many categories for example, you have smart nerdy asian, dumbass cool asian, and normal asians. They all have 5 ninja death stars strapped to their belt buckles, and they all have samurai swords strapped to their back. They can whip out the sword in 0.3738921 seconds and cut your stupid fucking head off.
Not to be fucked with.
Many people underestimate the size of the asian cock, the truth is, asian's keep their cocks folded atleast 100 times. The actual size of an asian's penis is unknown depending on how many times the asian folds it. The only known information that we have gathered is the average size of a half folded asian cock is about 72 inches.
Example 1:

Person 1: I hate asian people
Asian: WTF you talkin about bitch! HIYAH!
*Whips sword out in 0.3738921 seconds*
Person 1: I'm sorry man
*Person 1's head gets cut off*
Asian: Now I'm guna go fold my penis :D

Example 2:

Asian: I'm bored I'm guna go fold my penis :D

Example 3:
(Scenario: In changeroom, after basketball practise)
White Guy(Only made the team as a water boy): Hey asian, why is your dick wrinkly?
Asian: Oh i have to go unfold it now
White Guy(Only made the team as a water boy): WTF do you mean? You fold your cock?
Asian: I have to fold it because if i didn't then everyone on the court would be tripping.
by Asian person July 12, 2006
A word that describes the activities or actions that Asians do on a daily basis. The word is based on people that are Asian and what their typical life is and their duties. It can be a crazy action or maybe a daily action most Asians do.
"Hey Jim Jun Chun Un, shall we go garden and pick up the apples on the tree today? "

That is Asian Peopling
by TheCreatorofallmen February 1, 2017