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A word invented by Leslie, which loosely describes frat brother types who excessively refer to each other as "bro."
The guy at the bar was hitting on me, but he was too "broey" for my taste.
by Nicky Schmurda March 22, 2016
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A blowie given by a bro.
Peter was sad that he broke up with his girlfriend, so me and the other bros all gave him broeys to cheer him up.
by HamsterDoucheBag December 28, 2010
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To be a fan of Joey Hernandez aka Joeys World Tour. Joey is Life. Joey is Love. Can I get a WOOO WOOO?!
LadyTrayce loves to suckle down on some Broey abuse.
by Mcrawford March 29, 2015
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Behaving in a "bro"-like manner (i.e. displaying behavior designed to appeal to other bros in an attempt to look cool).

Often associated with behavior that is a little douchey but not enough to get shutdown
"Dude. That was a broey move. That girl was totally being sweet and you just f@#$ed it up."

"I know man but I'm not into that serious sh#t. I"m just take numbers and moving on."
by Seatiff March 24, 2017
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A person that is the opposite of bro. He is the target of mass teasing or bullying, especially when a Broey decides that he will finally go out. Broey refuses to drink Keystone Light with the other bros, and never gets laid.
Broey is a piece of shit.

We are going to firebomb Broey's room tonight because he is such a pussy.
by TheBroCommander August 31, 2010
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