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When one uses their bra as a pocket, it is called a
"brocket". A common requirement to having a brocket is to have boobs.
Man: Can you carry my cell?
Woman: I don't have any pockets.
Man: Put it in your brocket.
by Steven1337 November 27, 2005
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The brocket comes from a marriage of the words broganite and rocket. Essentially the brocket is a rocket fueled by broganite used in modern warfare. Due to the immense power of the active ingredient browder (derived from black grogan brogan powder), the brocket has been known to be fired over 1000's of miles. It is a form of non-conventional warfare due to its akrid stench upon detonation, and ability to shower all in a 40mile radius with grogan remnants.
After the Palestinian Qassam rockets were successfully taken out of operation by the Israeli counter-terrorist forces, they began to use Brockets with devastating results for all caught in its path.
by Boon October 14, 2004
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A Canadian native reserve. Usually filled with dirty red-skins who drink cheap beer and sniff lysol. Every trailer (or teepee) in the brocket (reserve) has an illegal satellite dish and a trampoline.
Yo freddy, want to pick up a 40 of our best friend Jack Daniels, turn up da pow-wow beats and loiter around da brocket?
by Gooch July 21, 2004
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Combination of the words "breast" & "pocket" to form brocket, a word that refers to a breast pocket on a shirt.
That kid carries pens in his brocket.
by Fourin May 31, 2003
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