1) the Amish practice of roasting meats in a brown gravy-like substance.
2) the physiological and psychological state that accompanies eating substantial amounts of food that has been broasted.
3) illicit sexual actions performed on some one by members of a male social organization while they are in incapacitated.
1) after a good day of threshing I enjoyed a broasted chicken.
2) dude, I am so totally broasted; I should have never stopped at that Amish place for dinner.
3) after I drank that 30 pack of PBR and passed out in the commons the brothers totally broasted me.
by PBR King January 20, 2010
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1.) To prepare food using a cooking process that combines broiling and roasting.
2.) When you roast someone so hard you go past the normal burn realm.
1.) I broasted a chicken for dinner.
2.) I totally broasted Jack when I told him "your family tree is a cactus, because everyone in it is a prick."
by BurnMaster500 May 4, 2016
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I am going to broast you
He got broasted
by NerdlifeChoseMe September 29, 2016
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(V): A word used to describe the sharing of a drink with fellow bros.
I'd like to bropose a broast to my fellow brosephs as this is a very special brocasion.
by BroJSimpson January 26, 2009
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when you fart into the mic in a xbox/playstation party
friend: get gud scru----
you:*rips a big one*
you: no you get gud scrub
you: Broasted
by GetBroasted March 23, 2020
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to cook with a method that is a cross between broiling and roasting
how long do you need to broast the chicken ?
by mikejettusa July 8, 2006
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Broast ( Verb ) :

1. Broast - The process in which 2 bros , of the bloodline or brother from another mother variety, spit roast a girlfriend or cheap date.

2. Sunday Broast, Exactly the same as a normal broast, except done on the day of the sabbath.

3. Broast chestnuts - The accidental touching of both bro's balls while in the process of broasting

4. Rump Broast - The roasting of the said cheap dates anus.
Bro 1 - Dude, i got us a broast lined up for tonight!

Bro 2 - Yeah? Who's the lucky lady?

Bro 1 - Some random girl i met in poundland

Bro 2 - Tidy.
by Brodudechestnuts May 25, 2011
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