1) a blow job
2) to give a blow job
3) see Ryan Burke

Syn: brizzle
(Upon returning from an all night session of intense boning) "Yo, did that skanky bitch give you brizz or what?"
by smelly vagina June 2, 2003
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A very leng drink
Mmeli go bed before i give you brizz
by Sidjskjfjrksf July 28, 2022
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(noun) a fine ass sexy ass person. someone who you’re very attracted to.
my hg: damn you see that brizz over there
me: oh shi he is brizz

me: i’m finna text my brizz
hg:is that your brizz over there talking to that whore

me: oh fuck nah i’m finna find me a new brizz
by thatgirllena September 1, 2023
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To lose your athletic scholarship with remaining eligibility due to the coach realizing that you suck. The term was coined by Providence College basketball fans in honor of the "brizzing" of Leon Brisport.
Jim Calhoun annual decision to brizz his three worst players in an attempt to stockpile UCONN's roster with future all-americans.
by FIGJAM Mike March 25, 2007
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she gave me brizz
by jayz September 19, 2003
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A cool nickname meaning from Brazil.
Guy 1:"Dude did you meet Brizz."
Guy 2:"Yeah,The guy from Brazil."
Guy 1:"Yeah, What I said Brizz."
by hhil April 12, 2009
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to give head
to give a blow job
to preform oral sex
guy: yo man, did she run the brizz
other guy: yeah man
by vanvan May 2, 2010
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