5 definitions by jayz

1)unwarranted rage resulting from intense steriod use.
3)see Mat Sadof
i get roid rage from sticking too many needles in my ass.
by jayz September 18, 2003
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When someone licks the bunghole up and down and at some extreme times eats the brown lil pieces of poop called dingleberries.
Drew and Chris love tossing eachothers salad all night long and then Ben jumps in and fingers there buttholes!!!!
by jayz May 13, 2003
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1)in school brizz
2)hallway brains
3)see joe huguenot
by jayz September 18, 2003
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Food that can be identified in fecal matter.
Mike took a huge dump and noticed the corn kernals from the corn on the cob he ate the day before.
by jayz June 01, 2005
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