The filthy British (English). A race of cock eyed, rat breeding, mud eating, goat lovers. They truely are the arse of mankind.

Responsible for many triumphs against humanity, such as: Common law; The Domesday book; and the Protestant church.

British culture is an oxymoron in sense, as "british culture" seems to be a vacuum of any traditional culture, and has instead manifested into a sh*tbucket of violence and social degredation. They have little regard for personal hygiene. (*note: As birthplace of the English language it is somewhat ironic that the citizenry of England are least able to express it).

Unable to play sport. The English psyche has lost all ability to participate in a sporting environment. They lack the required restraint and out of frustration will often withdraw to basic animal-like behaviour.

Worships a decrepant inbred family from Germany.

Drinks Fosters beer, which is infact 30% Australian urine.
Australian: Hello, how are you today?
British: Wat bruv??? u wona go et it aye? leme finoosh snoggin mey sista den ima keel yoo. oink oink grrrr meow.
by TaghMor March 01, 2008
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Breeding ground for Chavs
Invaded many countries
Reason why the Irish speak English
Known for starting fights over soccer
Depending on which part of Britain they were born they can sound like they have a permanent cold and the letter R is never pronounced
Usually out wandering the streets on a Friday/Saturday night drunk and/or possibly starting a fight
Love to talk about financial matters
Prefer to say 'Mate' in a lot of spoken sentences to friends
British mother: Do ya knoww wehhh ma keys ahhh love?
British daughter: No ah don' mum, sowway!

Gary: Here, do ya 'ave a fag mate?
Anto: Yeah he-ah it is mate
by UBTROLLINMATE11 June 18, 2009
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By and large, a bunch of racist xenophobes who have never really lost the understanding of Enoch Powell's 'River Tiber' speech. Socialist twats who have little to no belief in or support of the self-made man. People who hate change, and the rest of Europe. Insulated agrarian fucks who claim on their public face that they welcome everybody but in reality hate and reject anyone who hasn't already lived there for at least 15 years.
I can't be having with the Americans, or the asylum seekers! I'm British for fuck's sake
by S00thSayer July 15, 2011
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