Brother; homeboy; close friend.
Don't worry I got your back bredren.
by prefixed February 9, 2004
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your friend, usually a close male firend. Can apply to a group of close friends.
'nah, blood, he's my bredren. He's cool.'
by SHEvil August 10, 2003
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Best friends, brothers, peers, family.

Historically; used in a familial sense. Plural form of brothers. Generally used in a sociological, religious, or cultural sense.

Has acquired a cultural meaning with the integration of African roots and history into other countries, especially in a Black Zionist context.

Originating from "brethren". The word has been associated with sects of, mainly Protestant, Christianity (for example; the Plymouth Brethren) but has taken on a wider and more-encompassing meaning when adopted as part of the Patois lexicon.
Me and me bredren, children of Jah Rastafari, be headin Zion. Escape dis Babylon and cleanse de nation.
by Magic:ian August 21, 2009
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yo, dat man Dan, he's my reeeaall bredren !!
by HaRRiLaL April 23, 2003
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1. The highest rank of bro. To refer to someone as your Leftenant Bredren is to refer to them as your best friend or wingman.

2. Right hand man.



"Hey leftenant how you doin today?"

bro rankings range from Maggot Bredren (someone you hate) to Leftenant Bredren (you're boy)
"Thanks for the help with that girl, you're a true Leftenant Bredren"

"You helped me out big man, you're officially promoted to Leftenant Bredren"
by R.J.K. Burger June 1, 2011
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an individual, so universally down and with 'it' such that anyone and everyone with whom he is acquainted (hitherto referred to as ''the masses'') is his bredren'. Although used homeboys and girls everywhere, to whom the term's coinage ought to be attributed remains a matter under fierce contention.
Jack - 'Yo Ash!You ain't got nuffin' on Aaron G, blud.'

Ash - 'Shmaaaate!!!! That Aaron G's got respect everywhere though - he's a bredren' of the masses.'

Dru - 'Alwite girl!?!'
by Ashlar March 31, 2009
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