2 definitions by Ashlar

an individual, so universally down and with 'it' such that anyone and everyone with whom he is acquainted (hitherto referred to as ''the masses'') is his bredren'. Although used homeboys and girls everywhere, to whom the term's coinage ought to be attributed remains a matter under fierce contention.
Jack - 'Yo Ash!You ain't got nuffin' on Aaron G, blud.'

Ash - 'Shmaaaate!!!! That Aaron G's got respect everywhere though - he's a bredren' of the masses.'

Dru - 'Alwite girl!?!'
by Ashlar March 31, 2009
An exhilarating enjoyment derived from witnessing a master-class in footballing prowess by Niklas Bendtner. Said spectacle typically involves the scoring of hat-tricks in the Champion's League knock-out stages or otherwise missing a hatful chances that one suspect's their senile, semi-incontinent nan could put away blindfolded.
Ash: ''Mate did you see Nikki B's hat-trick midweek?''

Dru: ''Yeah, he took his chances a sight better than at the weekend I thought''

Ash: ''Granted, but what better Bendtnertainment can you think of in two separate matches..?''
by Ashlar March 13, 2010