A term (usually preceeded by "for those of you in. . .") used by the nationally known radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh to poke fun at people who are not too bright. Based on an actual community in west Sacramento California whose residents Rush has jokingly characterized as being backwards, out of touch, or just mentally slow.
"Library - for those of you in Rio Linda that would be 'liberry'"

"A new anti-crime campaign, accounted for nearly a quarter of homicides--" that would be 25% for those of you in Rio Linda"
by Dittohead May 22, 2006
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Rio Linda is actually northern Sacramento. filled with little boys on bicycles and refer to themselves as bikers. An area that is the sole reason Sacramento is looked upon as a cow town. Housing is cheap because the amount of meth heads and drunks that plague the area. Contradictory lifestyles.....racist against blacks yet they try to look and act like them. As well as trying to look down upon others as if they where upper class citizens...when in fact it is composed mostly of white trash.
Rio Linda: Where a man can be a man and chickens are scared, sheep on wednesdays.
by Nate Puleo March 1, 2008
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Rio Linda is a very smal town just on the border of California that consists mostly of farmland and horse pastures. It is comonly known as a town filled with white-trash people and meth-heads, and we people in Rio Linda have Rush Limbaugh to thank for that. Who is Rush Limbaugh? a TV-show host who is constantly refering to the Residents of Rio Linds as slow or just down-right stupid. In reality what happened was that years ago he offered to move to Rio Linda to give it public publicity on the condition that the town would be renamed after him. He was refused and ever since then he has bein giving Rio Linda a bad name! one thing led to another and a whole epidemic of idiots who think Rio Linda is full of morons, when really there just blinded by there own idiocracy!
Idiot1:Hay im an idiot and i believe everything that i hear on TV so Rio Linda is stupid!

Idiot2: Ok!
by IAte YourFood January 4, 2011
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From a real small town called Rio Linda, near Sacramento. Made popular by Rush Limbaugh for the heavy use of meth and white trash people who live there. Rio Linda girls are often the butt of jokes.
Q-What do you call 4 Rio Linda girls walking together?

A- A full set of teeth.

Q-What's the first thing a Rio Linda girl does each morning?

A-Walks home.

Q-Why do Rio Linda girls wear panties?

A-To keep their ankles warm.
by SCRhollywood February 5, 2010
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