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A male-oriented restaurant where the servers' bodacious, natural cleavage is never on the menu--but always in voluminous supply. Daisy Dukes in various forms (denim, khaki, Lycra) function to round out the servers' assets.

Openly admiring these women is an unspoken, but completely sanctioned, activity by all parties involved: owners, managers, servers, and patrons.

(With apologies to Yoda), "The force of booblevision is strong yes?"

Breastaurants are in a class by themselves. They are certainly above the mainstream in terms of atmosphere, but will never be considered fine dining by pretentious elitists who value "ambiance" (pronounced OM-bee-ahnse) over ample portions of, well... everything.

Breastaurant atmosphere is both fun and titillating. It gives new meaning to the phrase: "Let's head to the mountains!" Likewise, the food is a carnivore's delight.

As such, breastaurants send out a vibe that wards off feminists, vegans, and queer men in a TWO block radius.

See also: brestaurant, breastraunt.

The Metroplex area really has it going on when it comes to breastaurant selection.

Between Twin Peaks, Bone Daddy's and Hooters, one can keep abreast of some of the finest female forms that America has to offer world humanity. Breastaurants should be declared "UNESCO World Heritage" sites.

UNESCO DELEGATE: "I agree! Twins, twins everywhere, it's a bodacious breastacular!

In my country of Crapistan the waitresses all wear BURQAS for Pete's sake! Oy vey."
by One Stark Reality May 26, 2009
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A restaurant, such as Hooters, that serves both food and breasts.
Hey Dad, since Mom is out of town, can we go to the breastaurant?
by Ants July 18, 2003
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A restaurant focused on the female anatomy associated with lactation. Bitches got tight shirts.
Hooters is a popular breastaurant
by tiffany double d November 14, 2013
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A restaurant that employs scantily clad female servers
Richard: I took my girlfriend out to that new restaurant downtown, but it turns out its acutally a Breastaurant! Now she won't even speak to me.
Shawn: Dude.
by Aranwion August 24, 2008
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Referring to a breastfeeding mom who is open 24/7.
Look at poor Karen. With two babies right in a row she's nothing more than a breastaurant.
by Queen of Everything AZ August 10, 2010
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a place in which huge jugs can be hired for a while, usually for a night of fun
Dude: where were you last night?

Stoner: i was down the breastaurant. i got me some 34DD's! hours of fun! :D
by !NICK! September 13, 2006
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Any restaurant or food chain that has servers in skimpy outfits. Used by many pleased sport fans.
Hooters or Wing House
Ah those are such breastaurants.
by cc125 May 19, 2011
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